Monthly Archives: March 2020

Special Edition: Community Heroes

In times of crisis and uncertainty, it is inspiring to see individuals stepping up to help others. As we struggle with the uncertainty of this unprecedented situation, I am sharing the uplifting stories of everyday heroes, using their ingenuity and talent to fill the gaps in their communities.

Meet Hannah, Hailey & Andy Rosenblatt, founders of Masks for Massachusetts, organizing sewers and supplies to protect medical professionals on the front lines, as well as Martin Connolly & Jason Sebell, Financial Planners offering time out of each day to help individuals and small businesses struggling in this time of financial uncertainty free of charge.

Visit the Rosenblatt’s GoFundMe page here to contribute to Masks for Massachusetts. If you’re looking to make a financial plan for yourself or your small business in this turbulent time, you can reach Martin at or Jason at, both financial advisors at Northwestern Mutual.

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