Marci Shimoff

Do you want to be happier? Who doesn’t!
This year has taken a toll on all of us, causing us to alter our habits and limit our social connections, but those changes don’t need to inhibit our personal happiness. Marci Shimoff, best-selling author and happiness expert, says that happiness doesn’t have to depend on your circumstances.

As a young adult, Marci thought that achieving her goals would bring her happiness, but when she discovered that, even with success, happiness wasn’t truly there, she took action – diving into happiness research. Marci says that “if we want to help make a difference in the world… we need to both raise our own happiness set-point and then also do it, whatever IT is, that we are called to do.”

Want to know how to find happiness? Listen in on this conversation with Marci, author of Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being a Happy Person from the Inside Out.


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