Ruthann Bowen

When Ruthann Bowen had her first child, she decided to take a break from her successful career in PR to maximize time with her children when they were young. However, a lot changed in the PR world over 15 years, leaving her looking at a foreign landscape when she was ready to return.

Evidence to us all that it is possible to reinvent yourself, Ruthann happened into the world of web design and has since launched a successful business. She believes that with flexibility and resilience, one can do anything!

“As an entrepreneur, nothing’s guaranteed… Yes, I do struggle with that idea of failure, but at the same time I always think, “What’s the worst that could possibly happen?” So I’ll just pick myself up and start over. Look, I’ve already done it one time.”

For inspiration, whether you’re looking for a change in career or looking to return to the business world after time away, listen in.

You can find Ruthann’s book, The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating a Website in a Weekend, here.   

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