John O’Leary

At the age of nine, my guest was in a horrific fire that burned 100% of his body and nearly killed him. And yet, he survived.

Now, through his own bravery and will to live a full life, John O’Leary is on a quest to help each of us relearn how to live in awe and wonder. “We lose that sense of wonder and curiosity because life beats us up a little bit,” says John, “and because we want to fit in.”

“If I could teach…through my life to seek justice, love, mercy, walk humbly with God, in a marketplace that may not do all those things so brilliantly. That would be a really cool one sentence leave behind.’”

You can learn more about John’s work, his podcast, “John O’Leary Inspires” and books, “On Fire” and “In Awe” at

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