Scott Harrison

For my 100th episode, I’m inviting you to celebrate this milestone with me in a special way. Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of Charity: Water, is here to tell you that redemption is possible and together, we’re following his journey of second chances which now involves saving millions of people’s lives all around the world.

“…I wound up selling everything I owned, and deciding to kind of give one year of the 10 years I’d wasted in service to others…I was very fortunate that one organization said if I was willing to pay them $500 a month, and if I was willing to go live in the poorest country in the world, which at that time was post-war, Liberia, West Africa, then they would take me and I said, ‘Great, here’s my credit card number…’”

Join me, and Charity: Water, in our season of giving goal to build a well. I have committed to matching every donation (up to $2,500) in order to bring the gift of clean water to Charity: Water’s next project. You can share your gift at

Learn more about my campaign, Scott, and Charity: Water through Scott’s book Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World at

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