Lisa Sun

If you were told you lack gravitas, how would you respond? When Lisa Sun got that feedback in her first review as a business consultant in a global management consulting firm, it sent her on a two decades quest to uncover what it means to have gravitas, to be truly confident and know your own value. No longer a burned out consultant, Lisa is a noted fashion entrepreneur, founder of the lifestyle brand “Gravitas,” and now the author of “Gravitas: The Eight Strengths That Redefine Confidence.”

“…For me, I wanted to redefine confidence, not as a performative behavior but as a choice, a mindset…I wanted to double-click on that through quantitative research, and identify eight other types of confidence because we don’t all have to fit into that stereotype of swagger, and extraversion and charisma, to feel good about ourselves…”

You can learn more about Lisa, her work as an entrepreneur, founder and author at

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