Olivia Howell and Genevieve Drezien

We all know that the one thing that is constant in life is change. And whether by choice or by circumstance, change is often about new beginnings, brave choices and fresh starts. Olivia Howell and Genevieve Drezien know all about all of that and more. They are on a mission to help anyone who is embarking on a fresh start no matter the reason with everything they need to know and do.

“…We wanted to make sure that every aspect of all the different fresh starts were covered. What people don’t realize is when you go through one of your life changes, which typically people have 14 major life changes in their life, you actually work with about 10 experts…”

Meet Olivia, Jenny, their platform Fresh Starts (as seen on The Cut, New York Post, Forbes and more), their book and team of experts, to begin your fresh start today at freshstartsregistry.com

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