Stacy Peralta

Stacy Peralta paved the way for extreme sports and is a pioneer in skateboarding. He went on to tour the world as the first ever professional skateboarder. As an entrepreneur, Stacy was among the first to see the earning potential of skating. And today, his passion for the sport has transitioned into being an award winning documentary filmmaker.

“…Every movie, in the first act, there’s something called ‘the inciting incident’. And the inciting incident is the thing that happens that propels the hero’s journey. It’s the long lost relative that shows up at the house, it’s the phone call, it’s the murder. It’s the ‘something’ that suddenly the hero one day is going left, the event happens, the inciting incident happens, and the next day, they’re going right…I had an inciting incident happen in my life that changed my life forever. And it happened in 1974….”

Ride the wave with Stacy and hear how he has been living his best life through various chapters of extreme sports, entrepreneurship and filmmaking.

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